Monday, September 26, 2005

Viewing: Agape Road-Journey to Intimacy with the Father by Bob Mumford

I have viewed this teaching series on VHS several times over the past year and a half with our home church group. The series includes eight lessons, each approximately one half hour in length, so there are approximately four hours of teaching and instruction.

Through this video presentation, Mumford takes us on a journey down the Agape Road, a road to intimacy with the Father. Along the way he explores the two "dead-ends" that lead us away from intimacy with God. They are worldliness and religion. Each possess a powerful pull.

While worldliness promises that we can "get" something, religion deceives us into thinking we can "prove" our worth to God. Both are traps. I highly recommend this series to everyone. Viewing it will undoubtedly change you.

Purchase The Agape Road from the Lifechangers Website.


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