Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Letter to my Congressman

Congressman Wolf,

I am writing regarding two separate issues.

1) Immigration:
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the HOUSE make any compromises at the conference table when negotiating over the Senate's Immigration Reform Bill. Contrary to what President Bush has said, we DO NOT NEED a COMPREHENSIVE package. We need to close the border to illegals and enforce the current laws. Anything more would be inviting disaster. Please don't budge!

2) The FBI raid on Congressman Jefferson's office:
I was appalled at Speaker Hastert's reaction to the warranted raid. Those of you working in the House and Senate both need to get over yourselves. You are just U.S. citizens serving the public, nothing more. Hastert's reaction is an indication of the elitism that we all see coming from Washington, and we are growing quite tired of it.

You have always had my vote Congressman Wolf, and I do appreciate your stand to date on Immigration, and many other issues. You have represented me well. But I fear that unless all of you guys don't remind yourselves regularly of who put you in office, and why you are there, that we could be courting disaster.


Mark W. Weaver

May 31st Add-On:
Ironically, I just ran across this article by Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics that certainly fits with what I sent to my Congressman, Frank Wolf. Hey Congress, Who Do You Think You Are?


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