Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eyewitness to Deconstruction

You and I are eyewitnesses to the systematic dismantling of our great nation. Piece by piece, the principles and precepts laid in place by our nation's founders are being removed. Consider these:


The nation’s Declaration of Independence clearly identifies our Creator as the One from whom all human rights extend. This same charter document also explains that among the powers granted to every human being are a “… separate and equal station to which the Laws of … Nature's God entitle them ...” In other words, no governmental entity exists on earth that possesses the power to take my rights away without the due process of law. It is God, not the state, who gives and guarantees our freedom.

As many work to remove God and His Word as the centerpiece of our culture, we propel ourselves towards disaster. When God is gone from our American community, from our marketplaces, and from our halls of government and education, tyranny can only be just around the corner. Without the knowledge that God is looking over their shoulder, men will never wield power justly.

Government reveals itself everywhere. From planets making their routine orbits around the sun, to water hardening into ice at precisely thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit every time, our universe is governed by the laws of science. The material universe does not have freedom of choice. The planets cannot decide to change their orbits. Water cannot choose to freeze at a different temperature. We humans, on the other hand, must internally govern ourselves.

Established as a nation of self-governing individuals, America’s success depends upon every citizen effectively managing their own life. More and more, the fundamental responsibility of personal, self-government is being removed from the individual and turned over to the state. Our freedom is systematically being chipped away. For example, I no longer have the option of wearing my seat belt while driving (unless of course I am willing to suffer the consequences of receiving a ticket). Though safer with my seat belt on, that decision has been made for me by those who write the law. With each such governmental mandate, a little bit more of my personal freedom is supplanted.

Liberty of Conscience:
The First Amendment protects our freedom of worship, our freedom to speak our mind without fear of reprisal, our freedom to publish news, information, and even ideas, and the freedom to assemble and discuss politics or any other subject. This precious right can historically be traced, in large part, to the Protestant Reformation, and was created, not to keep God out of the public arena, but to keep the government from dictating to our citizenry what to believe, and what church to attend.

Today, these precious freedoms find themselves at great risk of being restricted and constrained. In academia especially, certain types of expressed ideas and thoughts, if out of sync with the lock step thinking of academicians, can result in harsh reprimands, lower test scores, and shunning. And “hate crime” legislation adds additional penalties to convicted offenders because of “politically incorrect” motives. We are increasingly seeing our culture being stripped of one of our most precious liberties—the "liberty of conscience."

God's creation sings with the theme of individuality. No two snowflakes are identical. No two trees, no two forests, no two creatures, no two nations, no two geographies, no two people share identical lives. Even identical twins lead different existences. In our nation, historically, civil government has existed to serve the individual, and not the other way around. In our land, the One takes precedent over the Many. Our republican form of government (small “r” see below) represents the high value placed on the individual by our nation’s founders.

Have you ever noticed that in countries where oppression is a way of life, the “people” are sometimes referred to as a collective entity (eg: The People’s Republic of China)? In such countries, those in power see “the masses” as something to be controlled, not served. If the rights of just one individual is trampled in the furtherance of the state’s goals, then freedom for all ceases to exist.

Moral Law:
For nearly two centuries, our nation’s citizenry understood and embraced the idea of family in the traditional sense—father, mother, and when so blessed, children. Along with such understanding, we likewise held up the ideal of fidelity—remaining true to our commitments—as essential to maintaining a strong and healthy nation. Family is God’s idea. When His design standards are honored, we find a much greater opportunity to live peaceable and productive lives.

Today, many have decided that the traditional idea of family is no longer important. Co-habitation and other forms of fornication are rampant. Homosexuality is promoted as an alternate and equivalent lifestyle to heterosexuality. The results of such moral turpitude have led not only to the destruction of families and individuals, but are carrying our entire nation towards the brink of ruin.

Cultural Covenantalism:
“ … One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” So concludes our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance, a public and generally collective confession of loyalty to our nation and its ideals. Before departing the Mayflower, Pilgrims drafted an agreement for themselves, a covenant representing their individual commitments to self-government under the laws of God. Called the Mayflower Compact, their document launched the rich history of cultural covenantalism in America. Our Constitution is a compact, an agreement defining and detailing how we have collectively bound ourselves to live together in pursuit of a common cultural purpose. Some presidents, including Lyndon Baines Johnson, considered our Constitution to be a covenant.

Today, with the rise of multiculturalism, we find ourselves on the threshold of Balkanization, a quarrelsome, divided, factionalized composite of many diverse and contentious groupings. Americans no longer worship the same God as our ancestors once did. That Christian faith, now forsaken by so many, bound us fast together. Now we are little more than separate, disparate, warring subcultures, each striving for dominance in an increasingly fragmented nation, held together, not by common vision or purpose, but only by the rule of a sometimes lifeless and burdensome law.

Separation of Powers:
God alone possesses all power. Because humanity is inherently corrupt, God parcels out His power to us in limited quantities. Wise men, our founding fathers understood the pitfalls and hazards of concentrating power in one man or one small group of individuals. They determined that power had to be spread around. In forming our government, they purposely set power at odds with itself, creating a tension between governing spheres (ie: the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government).

Today, our national leaders treat our founders’ beautifully crafted Constitution with gross disrespect. They say our Constitution is “living” and must bend with the times. Judges now make law. Congress treads on executive power. And our Chief Executives allow career bureaucrats to make weighty decisions that impact every one of us. Powers are ceasing to be separated. Congressmen listen more to the lobbyists that line their pockets, than they do to the constituents who voted them into office. More and more it seems, our nation is being controlled by a handful of super-wealthy elites.

" … and to the Republic for which it stands …" Our nation is not a democracy, but a republic. In a republic, as in a democracy, the people hold the power. But the majority DOES NOT rule in a republic. Rather, we are a nation of set laws, laws with which all must comply. And, rather than everyone voting on everything, we elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. A republican form of government protects us all from “the tyranny of the majority,” a genuine danger of pure democracy where political tides can quickly shift at a moment’s notice, and set an entire nation on a perilous and irrevocable course toward destruction.

Our Constitution is not easy to change. Nevertheless, activist judges have taken it upon themselves to reshape our Constitution by judicial fiat, or the making of new law by court rulings. Our Constitution gives the power to declare war to the Congress. Yet, over the last several decades, presidents have sent Americans to several wars without a formal declaration from Congress. A multitude of other examples could be provided which highlight the gradual breakdown of our Constitutional Republic.

Federalism is a complex idea, difficult to explain in one short paragraph. At its core, federalism is the principle of representation—the principle of many being bound by the decision(s) of one. In America, we elect people to represent us in the halls of power. When a decision is made, all are bound to the decision and its consequences. But federalism also includes the division of power between national and state governments. And according to our Constitution's primary author, James Madison, "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite." (Federalist No. 45) Madison and the other founders viewed the tension between the state and federal governments as a protection for the people.

Today, the federal government holds the purse strings. State governments, who depend so heavily upon federal dollars, must comply with federal demands, or risk having their money-spigot shut off. The balance of power between state and federal governments has grown extremely lopsided. Today, states have become little more than branches of the federal government.


Because our public education system has failed so miserably, most citizens in our nation today, especially the younger ones, live life almost completely oblivious to the gradual but intentional deconstruction of our great nation. With the passage of each decade, our Constitution and the principles and precepts behind it, is being minimalized. Our republic is being slowly dismantled, and our nation remade into something that we no longer recognize.

One very effective and essential antidote to this grotesque national calamity is an education in the nation's history and the mind of our nation's founders.


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