Sunday, March 22, 2009

Emails to My Congressman

I sent two emails to my Congressman, Frank Wolf. A Republican, and normally fairly conservative on most things, he went off the reservation with HR1586, the bill passed by the House to tax the recipients of AIG bonuses at 90%.

If he responds, I'll post his response.

First email, sent Thursday March 19th:

Congressman Wolf,

I cannot for the life of me understand what could have possible motivated you to vote YEA on HR1586. Do you really believe that a group of people should be (or even can be) singled out for punishment by the U.S. government?

I understand that the bonus money these people received was funded by the taxpayers. And that in itself was stupid to begin with. But these folks had contracts with their corporation. Contracts were honored. But now you clowns step up and pull a grandstanding stunt like this. It's theater. And few are falling for this crap anymore.

It's disgraceful.

Our Constitution prohibits "Bills of Attainder," or trial by the legislature. And that's what HR1586 appears to be. What's next, singling out people (like me) who don't believe in all the global warming hype?

Mr. Wolf, I have always respected you and voted for you. But sir, you really blew it this time. With this move, you have grown closer to being a part of that group we working people have become sick of. And I am sad to see it.

Mark W. Weaver

Second email, sent Friday March 20th:

Congressman Wolf,

I have had 24 hours now to consider your vote on HR1586. I am even angrier than I was yesterday. I expected better judgment from you. You apparently got yourself ensnared in the mob mentality and swept away by the hysteria.

A few words and phrases come to mind: bedlam; chaos; reactionary; unconstitutional; Kabuki theater; circus clowns; PMS; tyranny of the majority; frenzied; knee jerk.

You people in Congress need to calm down. The more laws you make, the worse things get. Can you guys just shut things down and go home for a few months? Years?

Most of us living and working outside the Beltway are reeling from the idiocy on display in Washington. Please snap out of it.

Mark W. Weaver


At 7:05 AM, Blogger Spin Cipher said...

Amen-Best idea I've heard this week.Congress shut down and go home-and stay there! Don't call us; we'll call you. We have enough laws to last a millenium.At this point, Congress only needs to appropriate funds and go home. Come to think of it, no; they'll screw that up too. How is it that the American people manage to put the dopiest among us in the highest positions of leadership? I tell you that those are the people who were put out on the streets when St. Elizabeth's closed years ago. They've somehow managed to look presentable; put them in rags and you wouldn't know the difference between them and the panhandlers. Come to think of it THEY ARE PANHANDLERS!

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark, I am totally with you on this Brother! The first word that comes to mind is Lemmings! These people who've drunk the Obama Kool-Aid are the destructors here. Now one of our own trusted Congressman has drunk the Kool-Aid too? Oh what is this country coming to. First we've elected a "Snake Oil Salesman" for President now the Lemmings are jumping over the cliff. We have to keep our heads and wits about us and realize that the people NOT the government will get us through these tough times. It was greed that got us here in the first place. Again very well put and I hope that Congressman Wolf does read it and takes it to heart. He needs to!

At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Last Reagan said...

The only thing surprising in your post is that you think Wolf is a good conservative on spending issues. He voted for this and the TARP bailout. He voted for the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit which blew a multi-trillion dollar whole in our fiscal mess. He voted multiple times for SCHIP. He voted for No Child Left Behind. He has voted for bloated appropriations bills throughout the Bush and now likely will during the Obama years (unless he all of a sudden does a turnabout and gets religion).


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