Saturday, November 27, 2004

Reading: Three books I'm working on

I am attempting to read three books right now. One, I mentioned earlier--This Little Church Went to Market. This book by Gary Gilley is a critique of the trend in modern (post-modern?) evangelicalism toward the "seeker-friendly" church, the movement that seeks to meet non-believer's "felt needs." I am about 1/4 of the way through the book so far.

The second book I am attempting to get through is The Call by Os Guinness. In this book, Guinness addresses the most fundamental need of every believer, that of finding out who we really are and why God has placed us here. Right now I 'm about 20 pages in. I love Guinness, a graduate of England's Oxford University, but also a man who lives in Northern Virginia. I had the privilege of meeting Os twice. The first time we met was at a book signing at Truro Episcopal Church. The second time was when John Jenkins and I went to lunch with him and his partner, John Seel. This was right after Bloodlines came out. It was quite amazing actually, having lunch with an Oxford man!

The third book I am working on is Bob Dylan's Chronicles Volume One. Dylan is telling the story of his early days in New York, before he began to become famous. Either his memory is unbelieveably good, or he is enhancing the story with fictionalized details, because the details are amazing.

"Above the fireplace, a framed portrait of a wigged colonial was staring back at me--near the sofa, a wooden cabinet supported by fluted columns, near that, an oval table with rounded drawers, a chair like a wheelbarrow, small desk of violet wood veneer with flip down drawers--a couch that was padded ..."

And so forth. He's recounting stuff from forty plus years ago. Anyway, I like Dylan.

I wish there were more hours in the day. There is so much I want to read.


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