Saturday, May 13, 2006

History of the World Megaconference

Vision Forum is sponsoring the History of the World Megaconference in Hampton, Virginia this July. It looks awesome. Their promo material reads:

“You can go to college for four years and hope to pick a few pearls of truth concerning the providence of God in earth history from the barrage of politically-correct revisionism being spoon-fed to young men and women at great expense to their parents; or, you can spend five days with some of the great teachers, historians, and communicators of our generation while being immersed in a millennia-by-millennia overview of the history of the world — all from a distinctively biblical perspective.”

Check it out. And check out their topics.

I am debating with myself to determine if I should try and go. If not, perhaps I can at least purchase the CDs of the messages.


At 1:34 PM, Anonymous C.S. said...

The conference would be extremely beneficial for the majority of those of us who want to see our world through a Biblical world view, yet probably only a few of us would be able to or would take the time to go.

If you or someone you know is going - or ordering the DVD's or CD's - I feel many people in your sphere of influence would be interested in viewing or listening to recorded sessions and would be willing to help defray the cost of the DVD's or CD's possibly coming together to view or listen to them on a weekly basis.

Just sharing my thoughts and thanking you for sharing your ideas, and topics.


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