Thursday, June 01, 2006

An Urgent Call to Prayer

Although a subscriber to the Elijah List email newsletter, I rarely even open any from the flood of emails that fills my box. Occasionally though, one catches my attention, like this one from Dutch Sheets. Here's a small sampling of what's in the full article:

"It is vital for us to grasp the magnitude of this spiritual war against America and our president, and also to realize that the forces of evil are currently prevailing, though it need not remain so ...

"God has removed favor from our president and is wrestling with him, in order to remove from him all confidence that he can prevail through human strength and methods, including politics. He wants him to walk with a limp ...

"... God is saying to our president, that He alone holds the key to favor and blessing in this hour. President Bush cannot prevail through appeasement, politics or any other human effort alone. But if he will face God and rely solely on Him, God will visit him face to face, favor will return and the president can fulfill his destiny. We must pray this understanding/revelation to our president and we must birth this holy visitation. For him to live and operate in a political world without being caught up in it, will indeed require great revelation and humility ..."

Read the entire article.


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