Friday, June 08, 2007

Letter to My Senators: Cloture Vote

Today, I emailed both of my Senators (Webb and Warner):

Senator ...

First, thank you for voting "Nay" on cloture last evening. Our nation's problems with illegals are far too important to rush through, without input from everyday Americans like me.

Second, as the Senate looks towards revisiting this matter again, please approach the problem in the following way and in the order listed below. Each should be separate, stand-alone, legislation or actions.

  1. Build a wall or a fence or some kind of physical barrier along the entire length of our southern border.
  2. Beef up our Border Patrol with people, equipment, and training.
  3. Establish English as the official language of the United States.
  4. Create stiff fines and penalties for large corporations who knowingly hire illegal aliens.
  5. Discontinue Federal funding to cities and communities that have declared themselves "Sanctuary Cities" or who fail to enforce the law in this area (like my own community of Prince William County, VA).
  6. Write and pass legislation that will help local hospitals deal more effectively with the rash of illegals using the hospital as their doctor's office.
  7. Actively promote the 287g program with local police and sherriff departments.
  8. Take action to remove Secretary Michael Chertoff from his post at Homeland Security. He has been derelict in his duty on this important matter, and has made pitiful, weak-minded excuses for not enforcing the law.
  9. And I write this with fear and trepidation ... Our president has also been derelict in his responsibility to protect our borders. His dereliction of duty should be investigated at minimum, and he should possibly be impeached if evidence is found that he instructed those in his charge not to enforce the law (which is what we elected him to do).

I have voted Republican in every election since 1970. I am thoroughly disgusted with the administration's handling of the illegal alien problem.


Mark W. Weaver


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