Saturday, November 27, 2004

Reading: Two Books on Islam

I had a fantastic breakfast this morning with my good friend, Mike O'Brien. We ate at the Ashton Diner. Following a delicious meal of scrambled eggs, hash browns, corned beef hash (my favorite), and an English Muffin, we went back to his house. He showed me his new patio (absolutely beautiful), built by our mutual good friend, Richard Baker. And as I was preparing to leave, Mike gave me a book. The book is titled Miracle of Miracles, and is the story of an Iranian woman who came to Christ, telling of her conversion, of the trials and victories that ensued, and of the work that she is involved in today. I am just getting into it. If you wish to read an excerpt, go here: Miracle of Miracles.

You will be inspired by the story posted there.

These events reminded me of another book I had purchased a while back and started to read but never finished. It is titled The The Blood of The Moon and it is written by George Grant. It is an introduction to Islam from a Biblical and historical perspective.

There are way too many books that I want to read. I cannot possibly read all of them. Unless of course ... hmmm ... I cut out some television.


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