Friday, June 15, 2007

Letter to Senator Warner

This morning, as I am preparing to leave for work, I fired off an email to Senator Warner:

Senator Warner,

The Rasmussen poll shows that only 20% of Americans want this so-called immigration bill. And we WILL NOT be bought off by the empty promise of building a wall or a fence as a part of the package.

The border needs to be secured. The hemmoraging needs to be stopped. But how can we trust your promise to do this when after last year's legislation to build 370 miles of fencing, the fence has yet to materialize?

We don't trust Congress. We don't trust our President.

If this bill passes with your support, you will forever be labeled as an AMNESTY Senator, as one who led America over the precipice and into the black hole of the Third World.

I have received your many response letters on this topic, and they continue to reveal your tin ear. The Republican Party is on the brink of being out of power for a long, long, time.


Mark W. Weaver


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