Saturday, June 07, 2008


Today marks exactly seven months since my last blog post.

It feels like a lifetime.

Yes, I have been writing—writing, brainstorming, and editing The Front Line, the newsletter of Help Save Manassas. I have poured an awful lot of time, energy, emotion and thought into this effort, and have received a few pats on the back. That's always nice.

I have learned a great deal, too—about the workings of local governmental bodies, about some of the dynamics of politics, about the rhetoric and general whining of an opposition who, having no rational argument for their support of illegal behavior, resort to name-calling.

It is sad. I wish that our country had more people willing to simply sit down and discuss their differences in a rational and respectful way.

I have twice met and spoken with the mayor of our city. I am cultivating relationships with two of our city councilmen. Our local state delegate, Jackson Miller, knows me by first name. And, and a few months back, I sat down next to PWBOCS Chairman Corey Stewart at a local pub and enjoyed a beer.

But unquestionably the largest benefit of this newsletter project has been my new relationship with The Front Line's co-editor, and his family. One year ago, I did not know them at all. Today I count them among my good friends.

I have made other friends as well since joining Help Save Manassas. And involvement overall has deepened ties with my community.

This past week, while enjoying breakfast with my pastor, I was encouraged to take up my blog again. And so ... here I am, diving once more into the fray of public, Internet-furnished disquisition.


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