Friday, January 14, 2005

The 2021 Portal

Had my usual Friday lunch with John today. We discussed the thinklings webpage geared toward giving which we have tentatively titled Once we had finished brainstorming, we turned our discussion to the url for thinklings. Another group of Christian guys out of Texas and Tennessee have sadly already secured,, and So we had to come up with something new, something unique. We talked about several ideas, listing them as we went:
  • (Romans 12:1) or
  • (21st century)

At this point in our conversation, John and I began to discuss our (thinklings') struggle (quest?) to transcend our 20th century Christian mindsets and learn how to relate with and communicate to the postmoderns of our day. We concluded that we are 20th century Christians living in a 21st century world.

John's mind clicked and whirred as it often does in these magical moments. After years of brainstorming with this man, I've learned to recognize the signs. Something was coming. It can be foreseen in the slight cocking of his head, the mysterious look of wonderment in his eyes, the subtle rise in his eyebrows. It is part childlike, and part genius.

"How about" he quipped.

"Yes. I like it," I replied, delighted at the inspiration. And of course I instantly knew his meaning.

We sit today in the flow of a transcultural moment in time, a transgenenerational shifting of many things. We have not only transitioned from one century into the next, we are leaving the modern world and entering into a post-modern one. I will spare you the rambling details because you all know what I mean. We have discussed it many times.

Even as the "4040 window" is a geographic region of the planet, what John and I have now dubbed the "2021 portal" is a passageway, a door between two eras, two epochs really. And we are sitting in the open gateway, like the portal in Stargate SG-1 which instantly transports travelers across vastly separated points in space. We thinklings, like all of our generation, have our feet in both worlds.

Sadly, upon checking, "" is already taken. So, once again our brilliance in inspiration has been usurped, leaving us humbled once more (he said, tongue in cheek).

Now we have come to these two:



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