Friday, March 18, 2005


I am continuing to ponder the realm of Fatherhood, and the organic vs. structural aspects of life in God.

I have been in the engineering and building and construction industry for over thirty years. Pouring over civil engineering plans and watching pipelines go in the ground has tended to complement my intellectual focus on the "structure, order, and design" in God's creative order—the "build" focus in Jeremiah 1:10.

But recently I have begun to contemplate the "plant" focus of Jeremiah's writings. Fatherhood, relationships, and simply being friends with people, springs out of the organic. Check out grandpa, fishin' with his grandson above. Oddly, in the last couple of years, I have begun to work more in my yard, planting flowers and bulbs. I am enjoying this new phase, having traditionally been a "brown-thumber." Perhaps my new interest in gardening is a precursor to a new phase of life, here in my early fifties.

Another train of thought worth pursuing in all of this is that I have for so long been frustrated with my seeming inability to construct or build anything ministry-wise that lasts. Hey ... maybe I am just a planter.


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