Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reading: The Age of Egocasting: by Christine Rosen.

The prolific Christine Rosen of The New Atlantis has written a very thought provoking piece about the trend in postmodern America to shape our own self-centered world of news and entertainment. In this lengthy but substantive article titled The Age of Egocasting, Rosen examines trends in technology which push us towards extreme individuality in our viewing and listening habits.

Beginning with the advent of the television remote control and culminating in the Apple iPod, we Americans can now be more selective than ever in what types of art and ideas we allow to impact us. Rosen dubs this trend "egocasting" because we can shape the cultural trough from which we feed into any form we wish. This treacherous trend in our postmodern culture is leading us further and further away from a broad-based metanarrative, a critically-thinking approach to understanding the world which God made and the one we inhabit. The dangers of this individualized, parochial approach, and the manner in which we are now feeding our souls, propel us ever outward with centrifugal force, casting us adrift from a godly center and away from genuine community.