Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chertoff: "Bowing to Reality." ???

Today, I fired off an email to Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Secretary:

Secretary Chertoff,

I read in a Reuters column that you said the following with reference to the Senate Immigration Reform bill:

"We are bowing to reality..."

The real reality is that you and President Bush have been derelict in your duty to close our borders and enforce the laws already on the books.

No one, sir, is fooled by this kind of rhetoric. Most of my friends agree that this administration has utterly failed us in this area. In a different historical setting, you would be forced to resign from office, and the president would be impeached.


Mark W. Weaver

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Christian Socialists Misguided

So many Christians are either ill-informed about what the Scriptures actually teach, or they are stubbornly resisting the whole truth.

Mercy is the ministry of the Church, not the state. The role of the state is Justice. Both mercy and justice are Biblical responses to lawlessness.

When Christ offered Himself upon the cross, He wed mercy with justice. God did not give us amnesty from our sins. Christ embraced our penalty and took upon Himself the justice that was due us. Thus, the penalty was paid. God did not wink His eye and say, "I will let your lawbreaking go this time." No. He exacted the penalty due us from His Son.

What happened on the cross was a legal transaction.

Mercy and forgiveness are priestly functions. The ministry of Jesus Christ on the cross was a priestly one. The Church, too, is to perform priestly functions, acting as a dispenser of God's grace and mercy. We are to show mercy to all whom we can.

The state however, does not have a priestly function. In God's structuring of things, the state's role is to bear the sword, to make sure that justice is done.

Christian socialists want to make the state the church. They either do this willfully, or ignorantly. For example, when our government set out to right the wrongs of past racial injustices, changing the laws and enforcing them was all they should have done. This was clearly a correct application of justice. But they did not stop there. They began to function in a priestly role as well, seeking to re-order and re-shape society at large.

Socialists want the nation made over in their image, forced upon us from civil authority. They want us to think a certain way, to speak a certain way, and to act a certain way. This is nothing more than a religion. And it ISN'T a Christian one.

Amnesty for lawbreaking illegal aliens and the corporations that hire them will bring nothing but more chaos, more confusion, and the further deterioration of our culture. And this has nothing whatsoever to do with the race or ethnicity of the illegals. It has everything to do with "winking" at the lawbreaker. And that can only take us as a nation, even further down the path to destruction.

When Christ returns He will come, not as the High Priest, but as the Righteous Judge.