Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Viewing: Luther

Sally and I have viewed this film twice, once at home, and once with our house church group. It is available on DVD. Luther tells the story of Martin Luther, a Catholic monk who, through his protests against the corruption of the Catholic Church of his time, unintentionally launched the Protestant Reformation.

From what I have read, this presentation of Luther's life is a fair representation of the actual facts and events making up his story. As it opens, Luther makes a deal with God during a lightning storm. Later, as a monk, he struggles with his own doubts about his relationship with God. Guided by a wise mentor, Luther finds true faith, and when he encounters gross apostasy on a trip to Rome, a passion for the truth begins to compel him to search the Scriptures. When he tacks his list of complaints on the door at Wittenburg church, a firestorm ensues, catapulting Luther into the middle of a state-church controversy that reshapes not only the Church, but ultimately Western civilization as well.

I highly recommend this film.