Friday, June 15, 2007

Senator Lott Said What?

This evening, I fired off an email to Senator Lott:

Senator Lott,

As a conservative Republican, I always thought highly of you ...

Until today.

Your idiotic remarks regarding "talk radio" reveal a side of you that I never expected to see. They expose an elitist, arrogant aspect of your character that apparently comes to possess people who get elected to public office.

People all over the country are outraged today, Mr. Lott. First Michael Chertoff, spouting his whiney, excuse-making comment about "bowing to reality." Then President Bush, talking down to us, outright saying that "we the people" (have you read the Constitution lately?) don't know what is best for the country. And now you, adding fuel to the fire with your outrageous remarks.

You and your cronies in the Senate need to step back and think carefully about what you are about to do. If this bill comes to law, the Republican Party is done. The GOP will be history, sir. And the country, the sovereign nation of the United States of America, won't be far behind.

Ted Kennedy's immigration policies have always failed, time and again. By linking yourself with this man, you are hitching yourself to failure. His plans failed in '86, '94 (245(i)), '97 (245(i) extended), '98 (amnesty for 125,000 Haitians), and 2000 (Late Amnesty and Life Act Amnesty). The flow of illegals continued. Why should we expect success, now?

Are you, Senator, aware of any of this? Or are you just choosing to ignore it?

Please come to your senses before it is too late!


Mark W. Weaver


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